Mood Board No. 1


BRB, trying to figure out how we are already into APRIL??? 

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, Happy April 2! New month, new vibes, new inspiration. I posted a sneak of this mood board last week but wanted to dive deep into the 'why' behind the 'what.' 

Does anyone else feel like their tastes or desires change with each passing season? Can you think back to, say, your junior year of high school and what things you thought were cool or inspired you? What about when you graduated college and started your first job? What were you looking at for inspiration and encouragement? The things that inspire us will change, and we should let them change naturally. 

The things that inspire us will change, and we should let them change naturally.

None of us are exactly the same person we were a year ago, and we will likely not be the same in 365 days. And I believe that is a good thing. I love to see how I evolve as a person, how my tastes develop, how my interests unfold or escape me, and how I am constantly in pursuit of who I think I am supposed to become. 

Creating mood boards helps drive my vision and my direction for my products, the way I decorate and the way I dress, but more than that, it is documenting where I am right now. Who I am on April 2, 2018. Will I always love gingham as emphatically as I do right now? I hope so, but I might not. Will I always love modern calligraphy? Maybe. But for now I do and this is who I am in this moment. 

Who are you? Who are you trying to become or what are you trying to shed from your identity? That's a pretty big question, isn't it? Creating a mood board may seem silly and not worth your time, but it's something I am going to keep doing so I can see who I am and who I am becoming in the months and years to come. Who's with me?

Also, to celebrate a new month, I've created 3 free desktop backgrounds for you! Click the links below to download!



Take a peek at some of the things that are currently inspiring me below!