Peony Dreams

This wedding was glam. Let me tell you! 

The details in place for Julia and Vinnie's June wedding were outstanding - truly nothing was out of place or forgotten. 

This suite was such a pleasure to work on, and I loved being able to collaborate with other artists for this beautiful and soft invitation. Many thanks to Iloh Design  for the watercolor peonies which graces nearly every piece of paper produced for Julia's wedding.

This suite blossomed into such a wide and vast collection of pieces including wedding day programs, menus, place cards, dessert cards, welcome bags, guest emergency kits... the list goes on.

But what better way to create a cohesive theme than through your paper products.

The guest experience for this wedding were through the roof. I absolutely adore Julia and am so grateful she chose Lined Goods for one of the biggest days of her life!

Read below for more from Julia herself. 


Describe your wedding theme.

In the words of Kate Spade, "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes." My wedding theme was everything I wanted -- glamorous with a touch of sparkle!   Since childhood, I always imagined my wedding and what it would be like – the colors, my dress, and all the beautiful flowers. However, once we got engaged I didn’t know what I wanted in the beginning of the wedding planning process. We knew our guest list would be rather large due to the size of both our families – a large venue was a must. I also knew that I wanted lots of mini details that represented both Vinnie and myself. Pinterest was my inspiration! I had a secret album called My Dream Wedding that I kept storing cute ideas in. Once Vinnie popped the question, I went back to look at my pins and was able to get an idea of what direction I wanted to go. Even though rustic barn weddings were the new trend in our area, I gravitated to more sparkle and glamorous wedding pins. By just knowing my color scheme and personality, my mom was able to help me turn my visions into reality by adding all the little details along the way. 

How did you go about choosing Lined Goods?

I knew the owner, Maddie, since middle school! Like most people, I followed her on social media to keep in touch. One day she posted a picture of  her handwritten calligraphy on the invitations she created for a friend's wedding. I wanted something as unique as that for our save the dates! Maddie did such a wonderful job that I hired her business, Lined Goods, to help design the paper products for my entire wedding -- Invitations, wedding cards, place cards, wedding favors, dessert cards, & more! With the collaboration between my mom, Maddie, and myself -- we were able to create little details in the paper products that were custom to my wedding theme! 

What advise would you share with another bride?

4. I would lying if I told you there were not a few times that I threw my hands up in the air and wanted to give up in the wedding planning process. There are many struggles when planning a wedding and most brides go through them. In the end, it’s how you handle them that makes all the difference. Our biggest issues were distinguishing my dreams vs. that of everyone else. From the start, there were challenges that we faced. However, what kept me from going to the courthouse and throwing out the wedding invitations was the ability to compromise. Family or friends may have strong opinions but it’s important to pick your battles! For example, if having a certain font on your wedding invitations is important to your mother, let her help pick out the invitations. It'll be a great way to get her involved, and you can still make sure the overall design suits you. My advice is to remember the day is about you and your fiance getting married. If you are happy – then the wedding day was a success! 

... And on your wedding day, enjoy every moment. You will blink and your wedding day will over. Many people told me this advice and I didn’t fully understand what they meant until I was the bride on my wedding day. On your day, don’t think about the timed itinerary, what needs to happen next, why the place cards are out of order at the head table, or the family member that drives you crazy – just enjoy your spouse and the beauty of the day. 

Working with Lined Goods was wonderful. Details meant everything to us! Maddie made sure our wedding was perfect in every way. Like my mother said, our wedding is like a story and it all starts with the invitations! We received many compliments on our paper products and we were very pleased with our decision in trusting Lined Goods with our wedding.

our wedding is like a story and it all starts with the invitations!

All photographs in this post are credited to Joanne from Josephiney Photography.


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